It's Cough Season!


Coughs are one of the most common ailments i get asked about, and often one of the trickiest!

Most of the time the aim of a cough is to expel anything away from the lungs, be it catarrh or an irritant. So to stop the cough would be counter intuitive for the body. However, viruses and bacteria can cause inflammation anywhere along the airways which results in an array of symptomatic coughing.

Below are some keynotes to remedies to help you through common coughs! (For more serious coughs like croup/whooping cough contact your homeopath)

Bear in mind the body responds well to homeopathy but also needs excellent nutrition, even more so when sick, so please check what you are giving yourself or your child at this time and possibly look to supplement with extra zinc and good old vitamin C.

  • Ant-tart Lots of rattling phlegm in the chest that’s hard to cough up

  • Apis Classic “ringing” sound to a cough, chest feels restricted and very dry. Painful.

  • Arsenicum Dry cough with possible wheezing. Only drinks sips of water.

  • Bryonia Dry, hard and PAINFUL. Holds chest while coughing it hurts so much.

  • Calc Carb Painless irritating dry and tickly! Like dust in your airways.

  • Causticum Dry, maybe loss of voice, rawness down the throat.

  • Chamomilla Often a children’s cough, with very bad temper!! And very sensitive to any pains.

  • Drosera Ticking in throat, worse lying down. Dry, cough sounds deep Spasms of coughing can be set off by talking.

  • Hepar sulph Rattling cough, loose, choking phlegm.

  • Ipecac Tight chest but rattling mucous, cough ends in retching or vomiting. Feels nauseous.

  • Kali bich Thick yellow stringy mucous, often accompanied with sinusitis. Can be wheezy.

  • Lycopodium Deep hollow cough, tickling. Lots of catarrh , snuffly breathing. Can often be accompanied by feeling bloated and gassy! Better for warm drinks.

  • Nat-mur Dry cough with a hammering headache. Eyes often water while coughing.

  • Nux vomica Again headachy! Cough dry and tight and patient irritable! Blocked nose.

  • Phosphorus Raw, burning in chest. Cough rough dry hard causes exhaustion. Can have blood streaked mucous.

  • Pulsatilla Changeable cough, dry at night but loose and rattly in the daytime. Lots of yellow catarrh.

  • Rumex Cough suffocative and choking that’s worse for hitting cold air or change of room temperature. Chest tight.

  • Spongia Dry, barking cough, can sound like a saw through wood!. Breathing difficult, fearful. Wheezing and burning.

You can use the 30c potency 3-4 times daily or put 2 pills in water, stir and sip through the day. You can add up to 3 different remedies to the water if you are not sure which to choose.


Homemade cough syrup for over 1yrs +

In a pan gently boil fresh thyme in water (maybe 200ml) for minumum 15 mins but the longer the better, after cooling slightly add a tablespoon or two of Manuka Honey (or local honey) and squeeze 1/2 fresh lemon juice.

Allow to cool and give teaspoons of the mixture at regular intervals.


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