Health and lifestyle coaching for women 

Health and lifestyle coaching for women encompasses whatever it takes to improve your life! We talk, we clear out, we use remedies, nutrition, implement changes, plan, walk in nature.....whatever you need to change the way things are for you right now.

Don't settle for an unhappy version of you.

Why just for women?

Because quite simply, I am one!

I’m a mother, I’ve been in an unhappy marriage and broken free (and lived!), I’ve guided my children through the trials of divorce/school/exams/teenage and into their own adulthood, i’ve studied while juggling small children, built a business whilst still juggling young children! I’ve soul searched, cried, despaired, found new love, travelled on my own, worked on my health and have jolly well carved out a pretty great life!

Now I want to share!

Coaching allows me to do just that. It begins with an in-depth look at your life as it currently stands and gradually clearing, changing and improving the obstacles that are preventing you from being the best you!

What can we deal with?

Basically any issue that you wish to tackle from a holistic point of view! Clients have used this service when they want more than just homeopathy session. Perhaps you're wanting big changes in your life, like a career change or relationship change and feel like you just want someone impartial to talk you through. With the added bonus of indicated homeopathic remedies aimed to shift stuck energy, your life can change more than you can possibly imagine. 

Below are a few examples of why women come to see me!

  • Perhaps you feel like you need more guidance to get through a messy break up?
  • Maybe you're thinking of divorce but need some support and guidance?
  • Possibly it's weight loss you're after but never seem to be able to keep it off? (Homeopathy is a massive help here!)
  • Grief
  • Anxiety. Maybe you suffer from panic attacks? 
  • Perhaps it's excess anger that's bothering you and you'd like to live a more peaceful life?

Below are some of the tools we can pick and choose from along the way:

  • Homeopathic remedies and Supplements
  • Nutrition. Eating for optimum health, making small sustainable changes to your current habits!
  • Life enhancing personal goal setting
  • Meetings together in green spaces. Nothing better than taking advantage of nature’s energy!
  • Full timeline analysis to find patterns and behaviours undermining your health/life choices
  • Hands on help de-cluttering your home*
  • Weekly encouragement and accountability (I expect you to do what we set each month!)
  • And generally having someone who get’s it

To discover more and to see if we can work together let’s talk!

Whatever your age,  it’s never too late to change things around. Whether it’s your health that’s in a muddle, your relationships that are suffering or you’re just plain unhappy and low energy but don’t know where to’s always easier with two!


See what can Health and Lifestyle Coaching do for you. 

Here are some fantastic responses from individuals who have already been inspired by coaching!

  • “I found some energy again and am actually excited by the prospect of achieving my goals. My health is already taking turn for the better.”
  • “Working with Anna got a jumble of ideas out of my head and into my real life! Exciting!”
  • “Talking it through helped me move out of unhappiness and into a much brighter place”
  • “I didn’t know where to start sorting my life out. Anna gave me a clear direction with mini goals to achieve along the way. So far it’s been life changing! From helping me declutter my bedroom to sorting paperwork, Anna has been there every step of the way.”
  • “I was in bits after a terrible break up. These last 6 weeks have been an incredible wake up call.  I am never attracting that type again!!”

Remember! Don't settle for an unhappy version of you.


Fees are £150 per month including personalised webpage

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