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Atec points drop after meningitis c vaccine detox

Including improved speech and cognition.

Male: Age 3 diagnosed Autistic

Speech and health improves post Meningitis b vaccine detox

Case: Male 3 years.


  • Repeated chest infections and constant yellow catarrh from the nose, requiring antibiotics.

  • Delayed speech.

  • Poor overall vitality and health.

No other remarkable events around vaccination accept being poorly directly after the Men B vaccine with high fevers and unusually crying all night.

After taking his full case i was able to prescribe a totality remedy (one that suited his whole self), some liver and gut support and the Men B vaccine detox remedies. I saw him for follow up 8 weeks later.

Mum reported that:

  • During detox he had rashes that came and went very quickly as well as some spots that appeared in exactly the same places on both sides of the body!

  • Some nighttime nappy rashes that were very red and sore. Something he had never experienced.

  • He began to use more words 4-5 weeks in and these continue to come.

  • His nose stopped running.

  • He appears much brighter.

We will continue homeopathic remedies and consider detox of other vaccines if necessary.

Regression post vaccines

Case: Male age 4


  • Epidural x 3 attempts

  • Swallowed fecal matter

  • Forceps delivery (large bruise to head)

  • Mother antibiotics in pregnancy

  • Vit K given in hospital

  • No stool for 3-4 days and suppository given

Continued poor bowel movements and had extreme constipation for over 1 year.

  • Usual vaccines given at 2, 3 and 4 months.

Development good although several chest infections meant a few rounds of antibiotics. By 1 year child speech beginning with usual words and continued to develop with no worries from parents.

  • Age 1yr given MMR/Hib/PCV vaccine. Some mild reaction at the time no further concerns.

After a few weeks-month parents noticed decline in awareness and that child wouldn’t always look at them directly.

  • 16months given Varicella vaccine (chickenpox)

Parents report the following:

  • Continued decline in eye contact to none at all

  • Child is separated from us and seems in own world

  • Stopped talking/babbling

  • Some aggression developed

  • Didn’t want to hug

  • Extreme sweating began at night

Parents began using probiotics on research and bowels began to normalise although as he got older he still used a nappy for stools and would not show ability to use potty or toilet.

They began eliminating various foods containing Gluten and Dairy and various others on having had a food intolerance test. Behaviour became calmer on this diet and bowels good providing they avoided many foods.

By the time the child saw me he was 4 and a half, they were well established on this diet and behaviour was calmer but still separate although could be aggressive. No words and still poor eye contact.

Prescription 1:

  • Arnica (for birth head trauma)

  • Baryta Carb (for delayed development)

  • Carc/poly b (to continue to improve gut function)

Follow up 5 weeks later:

Parents report that not much has changed regarding development in speech or eye contact but he has moved on to using the toilet for stool! He was still sweating at night but feet also now sweating and very smelly.

Prescription 2:

  • Baryta Carb

  • Silica

  • Carc/Calc

  • Poly bowel drops

Follow up 6 weeks:

Parents report huge improvement. They say:

  • He’s calmer

  • Better attention

  • Better understanding of instruction

  • Eye contact fully back

  • and Talking is returning!

Prescription 3:

  • Continue as before

Follow up 6 weeks:

Parents report that although the gains have stayed, they have not improved further so he has stayed at a level. We decided to begin vaccine detox as bowels working fine.

Prescription 4:

  • Poly Vaccine remedy

  • Medhorrinum

  • Calc Carb

  • Gut / liver support remedies

Parents reported between appointments that large spots began to appear on various parts of body but went on own accord without too much bother. Then contacted me once he had started the highest strength of the vaccine detox.

Parents reported that:

  • Behaviour was terrible and difficult

  • He kept spinning

  • Could break things

  • Strange maniacal laughter

I prescribed a remedy called HYOSCYMUS at this point, which worked to allow these new heightened behaviours to pass over a few weeks.

At the follow up:

A few weeks after the vaccine detox had finished parents reported that speech is really coming along so much more. He is talking really well now. He has some difficulty still in playing with other children but has fantastic ability to understand and communicate now. Regarding foods he is able to eat more of a variety without consequences (usually diarrhoea).

This case continues.

Young girl with epileptic fits post vaccination.

I would just like to say a huge big thanks to Homeopathy and how it changed and helped our daughter after a vaccine injury.

Our daughter was one of the unfortunate ones who suffered epileptic fits after a vaccine that had a really bad reaction with her.
Hours after she was vaccinated she started fitting - we never had any eye contact with her, she never acknowledged us when we called out to her - she never wanted to play with her toys, wouldn't kiss or hug us, wasn't focused and just in general wasn't doing what babies do.

We started with homeopathy and within as much as just a few weeks we could see a vast improvement in our precious baby girl.. She started giving us more eye contact, playing with her toys - laughing, running and most importantly developing into the little girl she came here to be.

We cannot emphasize enough on how great it works. We never knew anything about homeopathy until our daughter was vaccine injured - and decided to do some intense research and went against doctors orders to administer conventional drugs like steroids and other worrisome medicine they wanted to give our baby girl.

She is now full of life and BOOMING with joy.

We cannot thank you enough, and highly recommend homeopathy.

Homeopathy for a child with adhd

A lovely message from a mother whose son aged 12 has ADHD came in yesterday after 3 months of homeopathy. Here's a clip....

"He continues to make significant improvements. RE school, he's a different boy so far. He's been getting letters of commendation and has been picked for a reward trip to Chessington.......the head of year 'finds it hard to believe the previous poor reports are the same boy'. He has been difficult since a baby so the improvement certainly coincides with the remedies."



After many years of struggling with work related stress which over time started seriously affecting all aspects of my life and having tried conventional modalities to improve this situation to no avail, I contacted Helios Pharmacy for help and guidance. The person whom I talked sounded centred, firm yet caring and kind and this is how I came to meet Anna. 

She has been supporting me step by step with understanding and no judgement for the past one and a half years. I have been able to overcome fears and anxieties and improving mentally emotionally and physically and recognising the patterns that caused the difficulties I was experiencing. For this I am eternally grateful. HK


My pharmacist recommended Anna to me after months of picking up medication after medication for my baby boy, none of which helped him and in many cases exacerbated the problem. Right from a few weeks old we established he was allergic to dairy, eggs & soya but when we started weaning at 6 months, the allergy list grew tenfold. The only foods he could tolerate were rice & pears. We visited the best allergy specialist, dietician and gastroenterologist the UK has to offer during this time and the long term outcome was that our now 1 year old would be on antibiotics until he was at least 3 or 4. Unhappy with constantly medicating my baby I thought ‘why not give homeopathy a go, I’ve got nothing to lose’ except maybe a little more sleep!

I can honestly say within 3 days of taking the remedies, my little one’s symptoms were greatly improved and by the second week he was a different child! He was eating what felt like huge amounts of food, having foods which he’d previously had terrible reactions to (skin rashes, eczema, vomiting, lower gastrointestinal pain, diarrhoea) without problem and sleeping much better! I still now can’t believe the change & wish I’d seen a homeopath much, much sooner. I could have saved a great deal of pain for my son & probably many sleepless nights.

And also, I’m not sure if I’ve actually said this but thank you so, so much for helping us. I really just cannot thank you enough. The 6 months we spent trying to ‘cure’ Zac were probably the most stressful of my life & to see him now fills my heart with joy!

Mrs P W


After a years worth of treatment for breast cancer, i decided to start a course of homeopathy with Anna. I had never had homeopathy before but had read a great deal about it. How disease can manifest through our negative thoughts, our patterns and conditioning. What I found with Anna was the amount of talking we did, which in itself was such a great release and so healing, as often with any illness there is so much suppressed emotion. The homeopathic remedies that Anna would give me stirred up hidden feelings that had been contributing to me being unwell and as time went on and the more i saw Anna, the more i have been able to work through so much. 4 years down the line and Anna has really helped me heal and address many issues and emotions and that, i believe, has helped me to stay well.

Mrs G Hunt


I thought i needed someone to help me see the wood for the trees. But when Anna showed me the roots i was blown away. The reasons for repeating the same old stuff became obvious. i cannot thank you enough because every area of my life had been affected by this. Time to finally move on and already exciting things are happening as a result!


Autistic child's speech returning

TC is a 3 year old boy with delayed development and suspected ASD.

When he first came to see me, TC was able to say some single words, but would use grunting noises to try and communicate and would often have fits of frustration. He requires routine and becomes unmanageably distressed with any unsuspecting changes. He has regular night terrors and has not slept through the night since birth.

After taking a full case history I initially began using indicated homeopathic remedies that seemed to suit his symptoms. However the results were disappointing and negligible.

After discussing further we realised there were probable blocks to cure in his case. The potentials were: Vaccination (usual UK schedule followed), heavy antibiotic use and anaesthetic use for an operation at a few weeks old. 

I decided to use the CEASE protocol whereby we give the drug/medication/vaccine back as a potentised homeopathic remedy. In his case i began with a combination of common anaesthetics.

After beginning with the lower strength, mum reported a significant increase in his agitation and told me his behaviour was much worse than usual. This information tells me that there is a high chance that the original anaesthetic was indeed having an effect on his system and this response was encouraging. To help manage the behaviour i suggested Epsom Salt baths (the magnesium is a great way to get the calming mineral effect) and to introduce fat soluble vitamin c to help reduce any increased inflammation. I also told the mum to wait before continuing with the protocol and only begin when things had subsided back to 'normal' level.

We continued over 12 weeks, increasing the strength when the time was right. He stopped reacting at the higher potencies.

The second visit was remarkable!

Mum had previously reported "he is saying more words and trying to create short sentences", however when I saw him he was constantly talking! Creating good sentences, able to communicate his needs so much better and as a consequence his behaviour had become far more settled. He had potty trained day and night and is using the toilet well. He still needs the routine but things are significantly improving. He is even having a few nights sleeping through and less night terrors. 

We shall be repeating this method to see whether any more can be done with this remedy before looking to clear any further potential blocks to his development.



We were a year into Chelsea's illness. As you know she became ill after receiving her HPV vaccine. We spent many months struggling with doctors who were baffled. Chelsea had terrible nerve pain and was at most on 21 painkillers a day. Those alone made her ill. She was very tired, in awful pain, had very strange symptoms and missed school from September to May. We struggled to get any answers from the medical team. We saw specialist after specialist and again more painkillers.
My friend called one day. She had read a poster about HPV damaged girls. The symptoms were similar or identical in the list that other girls had reported after their vaccine. We contacted the lady on the poster, Freda Birrell. She was great. We suddenly had support and someone who believed us! The Doc had looked at Chelsea very strange many a time! My initial research through Freda showed some hope of recovery if damaged girls started a slow detox. I expressed my interest to Freda. I’ve never gone down the homeopathic route and was wary but also very desperate.
Freda told me of Anna. A London based homoeopathic. Anna was keen to help and we quickly set up Skype. Anna had an hour long discussion with Chelsea, went away and had a long hard think about what medication to start Chelsea on. We ordered these suggestions and started on a low dose.
Within 3 weeks Chelsea started to feel a little better, she also decided that she would stop conventional medication. She wanted to detox properly. She was returning to life. Gone was this girl who slept 20 hours a day and replaced with a teenager again.
Anna has kept in regular contact. Chelsea would still be off school, on 21 painkillers and sleeping for at least 20 hours a day had we not been put in touch with Anna. Anna has tweaked things down the line, she’s only ever an email or Skype away. Our family are truly grateful.


I came to see Anna on her treatment program to help me overcome chest infections that had been plaguing me for winter after winter. The first thing I found was how easy it was to talk to her and realised that within that first meeting I found myself opening up about all kinds of things I had never spoken to anyone. The connections she made as she listened to my story unfold were mind blowing and that my body was reflecting deep seated emotions from my past that had not been dealt with, was fascinating.

After the first meeting, I was left feeling like I had been on an emotional merry go round that left me reeling! But Anna was very available to talk to in-between sessions as things came up through taking remedies (I have never used homeopathy before so didn’t know what to expect but whatever she gave me stirred up feelings I haven’t seen for a while!) and as time went on my chest cleared and so far as we approach winter again I have not had the inevitable colds that turned nasty and so far feel amazing. But more than that, I have changed so much I can honestly say if I looked back over the last few months at myself, I wouldn’t recognise that person.

Her style of mixing coaching and homeopathy is unique and so very caring. I am excited to work with you again to keep uncovering things about me. Thanks Anna!

P. M