How to Make Water Kefir

We know how important good gut bacteria are for our overall immunity and brain function. Here's a super easy and cheap recipe for tasty water kefir!

  • Water kefir grains (i originally got mine from happy kombucha and have been using the same ones for well over a year and shared and shared as they grow!!)

  • Pukka Blackcurrant Beauty teabags x 2 or 3

  • 1 litre of boiled water to make brew the tea

  • 2 tablespoons of sugar

  1. Brew the 2 or 3 teabags in the litre of boiling water

  2. Leave to cool

  3. Remove teabags

  4. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of sugar (all this is used up by the grains! It's their 'food')

  5. Add your grains

  6. Cover and leave for 24-48 hours.

  7. Strain (using a plastic sieve) and refrigerate in a glass jar

  8. Enjoy!

You can keep grains in the fridge in some mineral water with some sugar to rest or just repeat the process straight away!