I would just like to say a huge big thanks to Homeopathy and how it changed and helped our daughter after a vaccine injury.

Our daughter was one of the unfortunate ones who suffered epileptic fits after a vaccine that had a really bad reaction with her.
Hours after she was vaccinated she started fitting - we never had any eye contact with her, she never acknowledged us when we called out to her - she never wanted to play with her toys, wouldn't kiss or hug us, wasn't focused and just in general wasn't doing what babies do.

We started with homeopathy and within as much as just a few weeks we could see a vast improvement in our precious baby girl.. She started giving us more eye contact, playing with her toys - laughing, running and most importantly developing into the little girl she came here to be.

We cannot emphasize enough on how great it works. We never knew anything about homeopathy until our daughter was vaccine injured - and decided to do some intense research and went against doctors orders to administer conventional drugs like steroids and other worrisome medicine they wanted to give our baby girl.

She is now full of life and BOOMING with joy.

Thank-you Anna for all the innocent little babies and children that you have dedicated your life and helped.

Thank-you for giving us our precious Holly back

We cannot thank you enough, and highly recommend homeopathy.