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If I can do one thing in my life as a homeopath, it would be to give children the opportunity to be the best version of themselves. A life where they can express themselves fully and be able to uncover of all their capabilities. A life where they are not heavily medicated and suppressed, but free to be themselves and shine in this world like we all should.

Homeopathic remedies may provide a key to making this happen. 

Over the years i've seen homeopathy perform wonders for children, ranging from bringing back speech where lost, to changing the many lives where hyperactivity and aggression have ruled the home.

It's not about changing your child so they can conform to a system, it's about trying to make them as well as they can be, bringing out the best version of themselves without using harmful and suppressive medication.

I believe causes are varied. Sometimes parents are sure of when the changes happened and others cannot pinpoint so clearly. Either way a full homeopathic case history is taken to ensure we cover all events clearly. 

I see remedies work to improve lives on a daily basis in my practice. 


WHAT IS homeopathic detox Therapy?

'Homeopathic Detox Therapy' is a name given to a homeopathic 'tool' for detoxifying the body from toxic substance(s) where these are presenting as an obstacle to cure. This therapy was originally explored and researched by a medical doctor and homeopath Tinus Smits M.D and he wrote his first book "Autism Beyond Despair" which was published in 2010.

He noted that in some children certain toxins were causing symptoms in the body associated with autism. 

These may include:

  • Vaccines

  • Medication

  • Medication given during pregnancy

  • Medication or drugs used by either parent prior to conception

  • Environmental toxins such as Fluoride

  • Heavy metal toxicity (aluminium/mercury/tin/copper/lead etc)



If you have ever visited a homeopath you will know that the first thing I would do is to take a full case history.

This means that I discuss with you in detail all current physical and emotional symptoms, past health issues, any shocks or trauma that may have occurred, a full list of any medication and vaccinations including country given. This initial consultation is often the longest, lasting around an hour and a half to two hours.

If I decide that this is a case requiring homeopathic detox therapy, then the following will happen.

  • You will be given a prescription of vital supplements with correct age appropriate dosage to assist the body when releasing toxins.

  • You will be given a prescription for the appropriate remedy specific to the causative toxin/s.

  • You will be given a prescription of a weekly remedy to assist your overall state of health/constitution.

(All remedies and supplements are easily obtainable and you will be provided with information on where to purchase)

This will all be introduced in a managed way and we need to work together on this and be in touch regularly throughout treatment.

*Please note that not all cases of Autism will require any form of Detox Therapy. Homeopathy is a wonderful tool on its own to bring about healing. It is only when we see that there is an obstacle to cure, I.e something that is keeping the body in a compromised immune function state, that we use this method to try and remove those blocks.


This is always going to be different in each case as of course everyone is so individual and will have their own way of healing. However you may expect to see some signs that the body is detoxifying. Please always get in touch if you think this is happening. These symptoms will vary and vary in intensity but it is not uncommon to see:

  • A short lived heightened emotional state

  • Some return of old behaviours that come and go

  • Some discharges such as catarrh or diarrhoea or changes in bowel movements

Not all symptoms of detox will be unpleasant, for instance you may see:

  • A return of eye contact

  • Gains in speech

  • Improved behaviour

  • An ability to show connection to others

  • Better sleep

  • Better overall communication


It is vital that I can work closely with parents of children with ASD. We need to be able to trust in each other to work together to bring your child back to their full health potential. As this is the case I feel it is always important for us to have a talk first before deciding whether to work together. I offer a free chat so we can establish a relationship prior to the first consultation. You can find how to email or call me here to arrange this.

Consultations are via Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Phone call.

Anna Anderson LCHE is a qualified and insured Homeopath and Certified CEASE Therapist in London, UK. and has undergone specific training with Ton Jansen in Homeopathic Detox Therapy

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